Coraxo - Luna (CD)

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This album is not metal. It has some harder edge moments, but as a whole, not metal.
It delves deep into a landscape of loss and sorrow, madness and death. Mostly instrumental, progressive rock.
Female vocals, saxophone, dissonant, dark guitars.
To quote the first review: "this is too weird for most people"
Cover artwork by Chris Panatier.
Saxophone by Ilkka Ferm.
Vocals on A Star, Broken by Elena Cor Tauri
Vocals on Wolves of Valhalla by Emi Path and Aly Queen.
Lyrics for A Star Broken:
I am the circle from which you spring forth
Sparkling dew in the hunter's eyes
The holy ones have gathered within my
Vestment and their daggers are sharp (and willing)
Oh, move with such wonder and grace
You bloodletting murderous flock
Bone and sinew
Skin and muscle
Bone and sinew
Skin and muscle
The hunt rages on and on
Rage, rage, rage
Reduced, reduced
Reduced to dust
To dust
Lyrics for Wolves of Valhalla:
Take us, o'Mother All, we grow worried,
take us, take us
Where is your strength?
Has it become a wolf?
The truth is under the Sea
Buried along with the Sky
So hard to find
So let me grieve
Take us, o'Mother All, we grow worried,
take us, take us
When you're Dead, let me be